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Your business hours may be 9-to-5, but your office ecosystem works around the clock. You deserve the clarity and value of knowing that your business is safely operating at peak efficiency no matter what time it is — with 24/7 Remote Monitoring.


Support tickets, costly calls to IT and other roadblocks to productivity are taken off your plate with Office1’s 24/7 Remote Monitoring. Instead of contracting out to several different specialists (or taking valuable time away from your staff), we’re remotely working behind the scenes 24/7 automatically keeping your technology up to date and resolving issues before they become costly. This allows your business to be proactive- staying ahead of technology curves and decreasing downtime.


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With Office1's Remote Monitoring,

you'll benefit from:


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Remote Monitoring

Our early warning system alerts us about impending hardware failures or high network utilization, allowing us to instantly remote in and solve issues before they become problems.

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Managed Antivirus

We’ll detect infections and quickly eliminate them, ensuring you don’t suffer any costly time lost. Our antivirus protection is centrally managed by our team of experts.

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Network & Security

Through our Security Audit, you’ll receive an easy-to-understand risk score. With these findings in mind, we’ll put together a custom-tailored plan to optimize your office technology.

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Darkweb Search

We’ll scan our databases to make sure none of your data (like compromised usernames and passwords) is on the Dark Web. We’ll provide you with up-to-date reports, highlighting any breached data, as well as a targeted plan to secure that data.

Office's are staying proactive with Managed Solutions - are you?

  • Businesses spend 91 hours a year dealing with technical issues.
  • Companies who use managed services reported on average 42% increase in overall productivity.
  • The average hourly cost of downtime for networks of small to medium-sized businesses is $42,000.