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Every year, major corporations fall victim to data breaches by online predators, don't let your business be the next one. This threat can expose sensitive customer data and put personal information in the wrong hands.

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*Please note that this scan is not applicable to free email services. We only accept business emails. 

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We'll empower you to protect your data by letting you know if your valuable data is in a place that can leave your company highly vulnerable.


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We analyze a database of information from Dark Web auctions dating back 36 months from now to find possible data leaks that have occured.




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We'll let you know if any sensitive information has been found on the Dark Web instantly - allowing you to secure any weak spots in your system.



Of the companies we've
scanned, we've found
284 compromises.


41% of companies have
over 1,000 sensitive files
left unprotected.


Half of all cyber
attacks are targeted
at small businesses.


The average cost in
time of a malware
attack is 50 days.


It takes 5 minutes
to hack an IoT device.



Ransomeware attacks
are growing more than
350% annually.