Get Your IT Health Check

Get a IT health
check from Office1

Is your IT the best that it can be?


Office1 will dive head-first into evaluating your current office situation! We'll do a full analysis of your existing systems and provide an in-depth review with problem areas and how to fix them. 


With this IT health check, you can walk away with a detailed understanding of how your company's network is performing and a road map to improve it. Know exactly how to cut expenses, optimize your operations, and revive your IT!


Get Your IT Health Check

What We'll Do:





Office1 IT health check

Full detailed analysis on all computers, printers, & servers


operating systems check


Complete operating systems check




gears and printer examination


Examination of missing patches in your operating system


speed test on laptop








office1 employee account audit


User Account Audit


security and dark web analysis


Security & Dark Web Analysis